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World pianists '19/'20

Experience masterpieces with the series of World Pianists at the Bösendorfer Imperial. Boris Giltburg plays Rachmaninov's wonderful 'Preludes'. 32. Adam Laloum surprises with two late piano sonatas by Beethoven and Schubert and listen to Severin von Eckardstein with Schumann's 'Davidsbündlertänze'. Anna Vinnitskaya moves with the world famous 'Weeping March' from Chopin's 'Second Piano Sonata'. Roman Rabinovich goes in search of Picasso's musical world. Hannes Lover plays one of the most challenging pieces from the piano repertoire: Ravel's 'Gaspard de la nuit'.

Chamber music '19/'20

In the chamber music series you can listen to the most beautiful combinations of piano, strings and wind instruments. The Hexagon Ensemble, which consists of piano and five wind instruments, paints with sound in Mussorgsky's Painting Exhibition. The five strings of the Vienna Chamber Symphony will take you to Mozart's Vienna with pianist Paolo Giacometti. Together with the Travelling Music Company, Maria Milstein will give you a moving evening with Schubert's masterful String Quintet. Cellist Anastasia Kobekina illuminates the cello from all sides with Chopin's Cellosonate.

OrganPlus '19/'20

The romantic Ypma organ of the Edesche Concertzaal sounds best together with other instruments such as flute and trumpet or with vocals. Listen to the almost inexhaustible possibilities of this beautiful instrument in the OrgelPlus series.

Passe Partout '19/'20

Enjoy all the concerts of the Edesche Concert Hall for one season. A relaxed and inexpensive solution for the music lover. Purchase once, all concerts admission! And always sure of a spot.

Artist in Residence

What do Hannes Lover, Maria Milstein and Severin von Eckardstein have in common? All three have joined the Edesche Concert Hall as artists in residence. In this series you will not only hear the current artist in residence Severin von Eckardstein, but also his predecessors: pianist Hannes Lover and violinist Maria Milstein. Enjoy five concerts with musicians for whom the Edesche Concertzaal has no secrets anymore. This ranges from enchanting piano recitals to colourful chamber music with surprising combinations of instruments.

The choice of Anastasia Kobekina

Cellist Anastasia Kobekina with her unprecedented perfection, intense playing and infectious playing pleasure makes concert a party. As artist in residence of the Edesche Concert Hall, she will take you through three concerts of purely chamber music highlights. Together with pianist Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula, Anastasia starts her artist in residence with Rachmaninov's unparalleled Cello Sonata. Beautiful piano quartets by Brahms and Fauré are on the programme for her second concert together with star violinist Rosanne Philippens, among others. In her third concert, Anastasia will take you along Brahms' moving Clarinet Trio with clarinetist David Orlwski and pianist Lauma Skride.

World pianists '20/'21

In the series of World Pianists, six world-class pianists bring to the Bösendorfer Imperial the most beautiful thing about piano music. The Lebanese pianist Abdel Rahman El Bacha sets high standards with Chopin's piano classics. In addition to Rachmaninov, Luis Fernando Pérez plays music by his Spanish compatriots Albéniz, De Falla and Mompou. With Beethoven's 'Hammerklaviersonate', master pianist Boris Giltburg will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the Beethoven year 2020. Liszt Competition winner Vitaly Pisarenko will provide passionate fireworks with, among others, Chopin, Schumann and Stravinsky's Firebird. The recital by Barry Douglas sounds at least as picturesque. He connects Rachmaninov's Moments musicaux with Mussorgsky's magnificent painting exhibition. Enrico Pace concludes the series of World Pianists with music by that other keyboard giant: Franz Liszt. From him, Pace plays the complete series Harmonies poétiques et religieuses.

Chamber music '20/'21

In the chamber music series you can listen to the most beautiful combinations of piano, strings and wind instruments. The Vienna Chamber Symphony honours the Beethoven year with a pocket version of Beethoven's famous Fifth Piano Concerto, the 'Emperor's Concert'. The wind instruments of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra provide bright colours with cheerful music for piano and wind instruments by Mozart, Beethoven and Poulenc. You will also enjoy ear-wrenching duo recitals by cellist Anastasia Kobekina and pianist Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula and violinist Frederieke Saeijs and pianist Nino Gvetadze. Former artist in residence Severin von Eckardstein returns with this time violinist Sophie Jaffé at his side.

String quartets '20/'21

Four strings with the impact of an entire symphony orchestra; that's what's unique about the string quartet. With Beethoven's second 'Rasumovsky Quartet' and Shostakovtish's Eighth String Quartet, the Matangi Quartet plays two top works from the string quartet repertoire. The Dudok Quartet Amsterdam provides a Hungarian touch with Brahms' Third String Quartet and Bartók's Fifth String Quartet. With the Zemlinsky Quartet you stay in Central Europe for a while. This top Czech ensemble shows what Dvorák is supposed to sound like

OrganPlus '20/'21

In the OrgelPlus series you will experience the romantic Ypma organ in a fresh way. Violinist Merel Vercammen and organist Jaap Zwart challenge each other in exhilarating improvisations. Antwerp cathedral organist Peter Van de Velde makes the organ sound like a real orchestra in Marcello's Hobo Concerto. The Monteverdi Chamber Choir proves that the Ypma organ is originally a colourful choir organ with an atmospheric Christmas carol programme. Finally, recorder quartet BRISK and organist Laurens de Man celebrate BRISK's 25th anniversary with a musical journey through time from the English Renaissance to Bach's German Baroque

Early Music '20/'21

Let yourself be moved by Pergolesi's Stabat Mater and Haydn's Die Worte des Erlösers am Kreuze. Played on historical instruments, this music comes to you even more directly. The same goes for Baroque ensemble Fantastic. They take you on an exciting musical journey that takes you from Biber's Rosenkranzsonates, via Corelli's La Folia to Bach's masterful violin sonatas. Violinist Niek Baar and fortepianist Kristian Bezuidenhout show how the chamber music of Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert must have sounded originally.

Vocal '20/'21

Experience the human voice in all its versatility! Soprano Marjon Strijk and alto Gabriëlle Nijhuis touch the pure emotion of Pergolesi's moving Stabat Mater. The Monteverdi Chamber Choir paints musical atmospheres with the most beautiful English Christmas Carols. Starsoprano Lenneke Ruiten speaks straight to the heart with ear-wrenching songs by Brahms, Wolf and Debussy

Passe Partout '20/'21

Enjoy all the concerts of the Edesche Concert Hall for one season. A relaxed and inexpensive solution for the music lover. Purchase once, all concerts admission! And always sure of a place.

Large occupations '20/'21

It's always an impressive sight when the stage is full of musicians and singers. This is the case in the Large Occupations Series. In December, the string orchestra Ciconia Consort provides a real Scandinavian Christmas experience with, among others, Grieg's famous Holberg suite. The Monteverdi Chamber Choir takes you to nineteenth-century Britain with English Christmas carols. The Apollo Ensemble takes on a meditative tone with Jesus' seven last words of the cross in the Passion Period. Die Worte des Erlösers am Kreuze, as the piece is called, is actually a kind of instrumental passion.

Beethoven Masterpieces '20/'21

The best of Beethoven can be heard in this series with Beethoven's ultimate masterpieces. With his 'Hammerklaviersonate', Beethoven wrote the most demanding piano piece ever. It is still considered a kind of Mount Everest in piano music. Master pianist Boris Giltburg gladly accepts this challenge. What the 'Hammerklaviersonate' is for the piano, that is Beethoven's 'Kreutzersonate' for the violin. Violinist Frederieke Saeijs and pianist Nino Gvetadze are happy to let you experience why this piece is still one of the most beloved violin sonatas. The same goes for Beethoven's famous Fifth Piano Concerto. With its stately rhythms and breakneck virtuosity, you immediately understand why this masterpiece is nicknamed the 'Emperor's Concert'. Beethoven at his best!