Bach's 'John Passion' - Apollo Ensemble

Bach's 'John Passion' - Apollo Ensemble
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Bach - Johannes-Passion, BWV 245

Bach's John Passion

No passion time without Bach. In the weeks before Easter you hear more and more Bach's St John's Passion in addition to the Matthew Passion. Although Jesus' suffering is the same, Bach takes a different tone in the 'John'. In Bach's John Passion we meet Jesus as a powerful personality who has a message to tell. As the savior of mankind, he resolutely goes his way. You can hear that right away in the overwhelming opening chorus. The mobile strings, the complaining oboes and the soft pulsating basses give the music something unstoppable. As a listener, Bach takes you directly into the drama that unfolds after the opening choir.

Bach as the crowning glory of the Brockes triptych

For the third time the Apollo Ensemble brings a passion to the Edesche Concert Hall. This time Bach's John Passion. It was Bach's first passion that he composed (he wrote the piece in 1724 before the Matthew Passion) and for which he consulted the passions of illustrious contemporaries. Händel and Telemann, for example, had already made a name for themselves years before with their so-called 'Brockes-Passionen', passions on a text by the Hamburg poet Brockes. Bach took over several of their discoveries in an adapted form in his John Passion. Anyone who attended one of the 'Brockes-Passiones' by the Apollo Ensemble will undoubtedly listen to Bach's Johannes-Passion with different ears. If you are listening to Bach's passion for the first time, then let yourself be taken into the story with an open mind.

Thomas Oltheten about the three passions:
"The passions are musically very different from each other. At the same time there are also connections between the pieces, because even though Bach himself did not compose a 'Brockes-Passion', his Johannes-Passion is based on it"
(Read the interview with Thomas Oltheten.)

Apollo Ensemble

The Apollo Ensemble is an international company whose musicians come from all over the world. Artistic leader is the originally Ukrainian violinist David Rabinovich, who has amply earned his international spurs and has been a prominent member of Ton Koopmans Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra for almost decades. The Apollo Ensemble is gripped by the miracle that ancient music can sound like new again and again. What is more beautiful and rewarding than sharing this fascination with the public? Come listen to the Apollo Ensemble!

Youtube tip

Listen to Bach's 'Johaness-Passion' by the Dutch Bach Association.

Seizoen '19-'20 Johann Sebastian Bach solisten orkest koor Herr unser Herscher passieconcert Passie BWV 245 Johannes-Passion Johannespassion Bach J.S. Bach Sander Zwiep livestreamconcert livestream
Saturday 27 March 2021, 20:00

Together with Bach's St. Matthew Passion, St. John's Passion is one of the most beloved passions ever. One of the secrets of the play lies with the evangelist John himself. In his version of Jesus' Passion, the writer is more 'to the point' than the other evangelists. Bach makes clever use of this, because in St John's Passion there is speed and you hear more drama. This is reinforced by the choir's considerable contribution, as in the poignant opening choir 'Herr, unser Herrscher'. And of course there are beautiful arias like 'Zerfließe, mein Herze' and 'Ergwäge'. The Apollo Ensemble provides an impressive experience in passionate times.

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Saturday 27 March 2021, 20:00

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