Judith Steenbrink (violin) and Tineke Steenbrink (harpsichord) - Bach's Violin Sonatas

Judith Steenbrink (violin) and Tineke Steenbrink (harpsichord) - Bach's Violin Sonatas

Judith Steenbrink

Known and loved. Violin player Judith Steenbrink and harpsichordist Tineke Steenbrink are the founders of the highly successful Holland Baroque proud winners of the Edison Audience Award 2017. In the Edesche Concert Hall you can listen to the twin sisters Steenbrink as an experienced duo. With Bach's heavenly sonatas for violin and harpsichord, Judith and Tineke climb the highest peaks in the landscape of baroque chamber music.

Violin sonatas by Bach

With Bach's Six Sonatas for harpsichord and violin something special is going on. In their violin sonatas, Bach's fellow composers often chose to give the violin the most important role with the support of accompanying instruments. Bach, on the other hand, breaks new ground in his violin sonatas. He turned them into real trio sonatas, in which the three parts (violin, right and left hand of the harpsichord part) are completely equal to each other. It produces music that sounds like a lively conversation, in which violin and harpsichord constantly respond to each other.

And a sonata for..

The Sonata BWV 1020 is one of the greatest mysteries in Bach's oeuvre. We don't know exactly for which instrument it is meant. In fact, even Bach's authorship is not certain, because there are strong indications that the sonata could also be by Bach's son Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. Fortunately, all these questions are irrelevant when you hear the beautiful music.

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Listen to Tineke and Judith Steenbrink together with their ensemble Holland Baroque.