Jonathan Fournel - Mozart, Franck, Brahms - World Pianists

Jonathan Fournel - Mozart, Franck, Brahms - World Pianists
Artists: Jonathan Fournel


Jonathan Fournel - Mozart, Franck, Brahms - World Pianists

Pianosonate nr. 14 in c, KV 457
Jonathan Fournel (piano)
  • I. Allegro
  • II. Adagio
  • III. Molto allegro
Jonathan Fournel experiences a kind of musical drama in Mozart's piano sonatas, akin to the plot of an opera. The first is about two characters (in the form of the two main melodies). They go through a development throughout the piece and are not the same at the end of the piece as they were at the beginning
Prélude, fugue et variation, op. 18
Jonathan Fournel (piano)
César Franck was a great admirer of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. His Prélude, fugue et variation is a tribute Bach's art of fugue. Originally Franck wrote the piece for organ, but Jonathan Fournel plays a beautiful version for piano
Variaties, op. 3
Jonathan Fournel (piano)
  • I. Tema: Andantino tranquillo e semplice
  • II. Var. 1: (Listesso tempo)
  • III. Var. 2: Agitato
  • IV. Var. 3: Andantino quasi tempo di mazurka
  • V. Var. 4: Con moto
  • VI. Var. 5: Lento dolce
  • VII. Var. 6: Scherzando, molto vivace
  • VIII. Var. 7: Allegro agitato ed energico
  • IX. Var. 8: Meno mosso. Mesto
  • X. Var. 9: Maggiore. Tempo di valse. Grazioso
  • XI. Var. 10: Andantino dolce
  • XII. Var. 11: Andantino dolce affetuoso
  • XIII. Var. 12: Allegro con fuoco
Szymanowski's Variations in B-flat, op. 3 date from 1901-03. At the time, the young composer was studying in Warsaw. He dedicated the piece to his friend and pianist Arthur Rubinstein. Although the music is still romantic in style, Szymanovski does bold things. Note, for example, the third variation, which is full of daring consonances.
Pianosonate nr. 1 in c, op. 1
Jonathan Fournel (piano)
  • I. Allegro
  • II. Andante
  • III. Scherzo. Allegro molto e con fuoco - Più mosso
  • IV. Finale. Allegro con fuoco
When you think of Brahms' music, you don't immediately think of the flashy virtuosity of, say, Chopin or Liszt. Yet Brahms comes close with the Finale in his First Piano Sonata. The piece is technically very demanding and demands the utmost of the pianist with its viciously fast runs. A breathtaking finale to a heartwarming program.
Saturday 15 October 2022, 20:00

Pianist Jonathan Fournel belongs to the category of musicians who tell stories with their playing. With this recital full of narrative pieces by Mozart, Franck and Brahms, that's more than okay. Enjoy, among others, Franck's atmospheric Prélude, fugue et variation. In contrast, Mozart's musing Fantasy KV 475 and Brahms' stormy First Piano Sonata. Music that holds no secrets for Jonathan Fournel. It was the same Brahms with which Fournel brilliantly won the prestigious Queen Elisabeth Competition 2021, unanimously winning over the jury

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Saturday 15 October 2022, 20:00

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