Soprano Deirdre Angenent - The most beautiful songs about love and the night

Soprano Deirdre Angenent - The most beautiful songs about love and the night

Love and the night

Patty Smith sang it already: 'Because the night belongs to the lovers'. Classical composers also got on steam when it comes to love. Star soprano Deirdre Angenent sings the most beautiful songs about sultry love nights and dormant mornings. The night is the realm of romantic feelings and thoughts. Dvorák knew all about it when he wrote his Love Songs, on. 83 composed. Torn apart by heartbreak, he found comfort in Czech folk poetry. Besides Dvorák, the programme also includes beautiful songs by Wagner, Richard Strauss, Joseph Marx and Samuel Barber.

"Since I've never tasted the happiness of love in my life, I'd like to erect a memorial to the most beautiful of my dreams." Richard Wagner (1813-1883) wrote these words to Franz Liszt in 1854. Wagner had just put the finishing touches to the libretto for his opera 'Tristan und Isolde', when he became involved in an affair with Mathilde Wesendonck, the wife of his landlord. She wrote five passionate poems, which in turn provided Wagner with music. (Read more)

Deirdre Angenent and Peter Nilsson

Starsoprano Deirdre Angenent recently (August 2015) won the Grand Prix de l'Opéra, a competition of the National Opera Bucharest. She won the Audience Award, the Opera Nederland Prize and the Brava Audience Award at the International Vocalist Competition in Den Bosch (2014). In Peter Nilsson, Deirdre finds a dedicated partner. As a regular pianist of soprano Charliotte Margiono he knows the tricks of the trade of accompaniment

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this before Deirdre Angenent leaves...'

'Her voice is a diamond in the rough and her soprano is strong, sonorous and radiant [...] Listen to this before Deirdre Angenent disappears abroad to make a career' (Mark Duijnstee in Opera Netherlands)

"Love is of all times
"I don't think love songs are hackneyed. Love is of all times and all those stories and perils are so recognizable for people. I think love is at the heart of what it's all about, that's why there's so much about it in classical music"
(Interview Deirdre Angenent, read this interview)

Liedrecital Bösendorfer Imperial 290 Edesche Liedrecitals vleugel sopraan piano Richard Strauss Joseph Marx Alban Berg Samuel Barber Antonin Dvorak
Saturday 16 January 2016, 20:00

Starsoprano Deirdre Angenent sings love songs of great composers. Together with pianist Peter Nilsson, Deirdre collected the most beautiful songs about love and the night. Dvorák, Richard Strauss, but also Wagner and Barber, expressed their romantic feelings in music.

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Saturday 16 January 2016, 20:00

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